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Dear Rocksmith Fans

First off, let us say we’ve been absolutely blown away by your reception to the original Rocksmith! Your success stories and reviews have brought us tremendous pride and joy – thanks for everything so far.

Your feedback has been helped us better understand how you play Rocksmith and how we can help the product reach its greatest potential. We’ve listened to your voices, and Rocksmith 2014 Edition is our answer.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is completely new and rebuilt from the ground up to give you the fastest, most fun, and most comprehensive guitar learning experience ever created. Here are just some of the things we’ve improved and added that you’ve been asking for.


A Reimagined Experience

Our menus and framework have been entirely redesigned and optimized to be clearer, smoother, and blazing fast - which means you’ll spend more time playing instead of navigating. Rocksmith 2014 Edition is more efficient and stable all-around and our latency has been optimized to be completely imperceptible with a proper audio setup.

Tuning checks have been minimized and streamlined so you can get to the songs you want to play faster. As long as you stay in that particular tuning you won’t need to retune unless you want to do a quick check with the chromatic or precision tuners built into the options menu.

Rocksmith main screen
Learn A Song menu

New Music to Your Ears

Rocksmith 2014 includes over 50 new songs from our biggest bands yet from all genres. You’ll also have immediate access to our downloadable catalogue of over 150 songs, with new DLC coming out every week.

What about the music you already have? We’re excited to announce that Rocksmith 2014 Edition is backwards compatible with our existing library! All your previously purchased DLC songs and most of your on-disc songs from Rocksmith have been updated with the new techniques to be compatible with Rocksmith 2014 and more accurate to their original recordings than ever before.

You’ll also be armed with an even wider arsenal of in-game gear, including new amps from Marshall, Eden, and Orange, to help you craft any sound you want. Dial in a brutal metal crunch or buttery-smooth blues tone – Rocksmith puts thousands of dollars of equipment at your disposal.

Improved Note Highway

The in-game interface has also been visually revamped to be clearer and give better feedback on your performance as you play. Fret numbers are now displayed under note blocks when there are significant position changes so you don’t get lost navigating the fretboard. The note highway now features fingerprint guides to help players know which fingers to place where to properly form chords and missed notes are now more clearly marked.

Rocksmith 2014 also features more supported techniques than ever before with a redesign of our note blocks and symbols to provide more information and even support combined techniques. Now you’ll know how much to bend, whether to pre-bend, and how long to hold bends. New slide indicators depict slides more accurately and naturally than before, and much more! We’ve also removed the creepy clones in the audience.

Innovative Design

The Ultimate Practice Tool

Ultimate practice Tool

Our most important features are more accessible and flexible than ever. A new on-the-fly Riff Repeater activates at the touch of a button right in the middle of any song. It lets you select any combination of parts you’d like to practice (even the entire song if you like) then customize the speed of the track, the difficulty level, and even things like the number of repetitions or error tolerance as you play. You are now in full control of your practice.

We’re also proud to introduce the new gradual Master Mode. With the original Rocksmith, entering Master Mode or getting a Master Mode encore could seem like getting thrown into the deep end of the pool. Learning shouldn’t be a sink or swim situation - now playing well at the highest difficulty will result in the notes gradually fading out of view as you play so that you’re eased into the experience. If you miss the faded notes, we’ll fade them back into view. It’s all about learning at your pace. The new Master Mode can be used on a phrase by phrase basis rather than limiting it to the full song and we’ve even added the option to disable entirely.

Take Authentic Learning to the Next Level

Rocksmith 2014 Edition includes over 80 carefully crafted interactive lessons to help you on your journey to mastering guitar. Aside from higher quality videos shot with expert musicians who clearly demonstrate techniques, we also offer more-responsive feedback that can tell you why you may be having trouble with a certain technique and how you can improve. All lessons are provided in a musical context so you not only learn the mechanics of a skill but also how it’s often integrated in music.

Guitarcade is also back with new skill games aimed at perfecting dexterity, speed, and music knowledge in a fun and unique way. We’ve included an all-new Score Attack mode which features locked difficulty settings and song leaderboards for players who want to compete.

We’ll also support many more techniques, tunings, effects, amps and tones, and more!

Innovative Design
Innovative Design

Learn to Jam with the Revolutionary Session Mode

Exclusively in Rocksmith 2014 Edition, you’ll be able to learn how to jam by dynamically playing with a custom virtual band of AI musicians that follows your lead in real-time. Nobody in the music industry has ever seen a technology quite like this before.

You don't need to be an expert to appreciate this mode - an onscreen display will show you what key you're playing in and guide you with suggested notes. With Session Mode, you’ll learn to take the guitar skills you’ve learned in Rocksmith and apply them to a real-world musical situation. We’re not just teaching you to play guitar, we’re making you into a qualified musician!

See for yourself - watch Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains demo Session Mode here.

Much More


There are many improvements and new additions to Rocksmith 2014 Edition. Everything from small but meaningful changes, like the addition of a Color Blind option, to huge new game modes, like Score Attack, have been added - we can’t even cover them all here! We’re confident that when you get your hands on it, you’ll discover even more ways we’ve listened to you and crafted the fastest and most fun guitar learning experience yet!

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We have a special ‘No Cable Included’ Version designed specifically for Rocksmith Owners. It doesn’t include the required Rocksmith Real Tone Cable because you already own it. As a result, you can save $20.

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