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[2019-04-04] Roxette

Roxette – Developer Twitch Stream Today

04/04/2019 12:00 PM

Join our Community Developer Doug Lilly and the Rocksmith notetrackers from Ubisoft San Francisco -- along with your fellow Rocksmith players! -- for this week's developer livestream. We'll be playing the music in Roxette Song Pack, plus you'll have the chance to ask the team questions and win prizes like free DLC codes and great guitar accessories from Ernie Ball. The fun starts at 3pm PT/6pm ET/10pm UTC – join us live if you can and catch the replay if not!

[2019-06-13] Trivium II

Trivium Song Pack II – Developer Twitch Stream Today

Get ready, because we’re rocking with Trivium Song Pack II on today’s stream!

06/13/201912:00 PM

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[2019-06-12] American Pie - Don McLean THUMB

What Happened: The secret meanings of 'American Pie'

After decades of silence, Don McLean finally discussed the cryptic symbolism within his most famous song. Do you recall what was revealed?

06/12/201912:00 PM

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[2019-06-11] Trivium II DLC

New DLC: Trivium Song Pack II

Trivium returns for Trivium Song Pack II this week!

06/11/201912:00 PM

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