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[2019-06-03] Rocksmith Easy Exercises Vol

Introducing Rocksmith Easy Exercises Vol. 1

06/03/2019 09:00 AM

Greetings, Rocksmith fans! For this week’s DLC, Rocksmith is excited to try something a little different. For years, the community has requested new lessons, exercises, and guitar drills in the form of DLC, and we think we’ve found a great way to do so! Greg Studley—author, teacher, and Rocksmith Notetracker—adapted several lessons from his book series Speed, Accuracy, & Technique for Guitar as new tracks for Rocksmith. The first batch of these are coming Tuesday, June 04: Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 1.

Each of the five exercises are available for guitar and bass, and this pack will be available at the special price of $4.99 USD. Later on, look for more Rocksmith exercises from Greg for our intermediate and advanced players!

[2020-03-31] Opeth DLC

New DLC: Opeth Song Pack

Ready for a challenge? Get ready for the release of the Opeth Song Pack!

03/31/202012:00 PM

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[2020-03-26] Janis Joplin Stream

Janis Joplin Song Pack – Developer Twitch Stream Today

Come hang with us and Bobby McGee for this week’s stream of the Janis Joplin Song Pack!

03/26/202012:00 PM

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[2020-03-25] Who - Janis Joplin THUMB

Women Who Rock: 3 Things You Didn't Know About Janis Joplin

Did she ever get that Mercedes-Benz? One of rock's legendary singers.

03/25/202012:00 PM

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