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Rocksmith Reviews from the Press

“A masterfully put together and fun learning package.”

-Playstation Universe Review
“An excellent tool to learn to play guitar or bass from the comfort of your own home.”

“Amazing.” “It’s smooth, flexible, always encouraging, and makes practicing a pleasure rather than a chore”.


Musician Reviews

Jerry Cantrel
"I wish I had Rocksmith when I was learning guitar."

-Jerry Cantrell, Lead Guitarist/Vocalist of Alice In Chains

"Rocksmith is an amazing experience in guitar learning."

-Brendon Small, Creator of Metalocalypse & Dethklok

Brendon Small

Educator Reviews

Marty Schwartz
"It's not easy to make learning guitar fun AND fast, but Rocksmith has found a way to do both."

-Marty Schwartz, #1 Online Guitar Teacher at

"Rocksmith is one of the best learning software products I’ve ever seen."

-Chris Swain, Founder of the University of Southern California (USC) Games Institute

Chris Swain

Music Industry Reviews

Jim Rosenberg
"Rocksmith is the most fun and effective way to improve your guitar skills."

-Jim Rosenberg, President of Epiphone Guitars

Brian Ball
"Rocksmith is the future of guitar learning."

-Brian Ball, Vice President of Ernie Ball Strings


— National Study by Research Strategy Group Inc.*